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How a procurement transformation helped to mould Ansaldo STS into a transportation leader

December 04, 2018 / LAURA MULLAN

Faster, safer and more efficient: today’s communities are demanding more from their transportation systems and it seems that many have found the answer when working with Ansaldo Signalling and Transportation Systems (STS). Over the past decade, Ansaldo STS has continued to make a lasting impression when designing and implementing railway signalling, automation and integrated transport systems for both metro networks and railway lines, and through its operations, has ensured that people can easily get from A to B.
As a Hitachi Group company, Ansaldo STS has leveraged its international experience to help transform transport systems around the globe. This means that whether you’re in Italy or France, the US or India, Ansaldo STS has the expertise to help. In fact, today, the technology firm has designed and implemented solutions in around 28 countries, generating about USD$1.5bn in turnover. Now, as its global footprint expands further, the company has also transformed ...