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Quantzig Reveals Best Practices of Retail Inventory Management for Small Business

October 08, 2018 / BUSINESS WIRE

Inventory management deals with the effective handling of the stock or inventory that the company holds. It helps to analyze and track the flow of goods right from the manufacturer’s facilities to its point of sale. Retail inventory management forms a crucial element of supply chain management and includes various aspects like overseeing and controlling ordering inventory, controlling the amount of product for sale, and storage of inventory. Managing the inventory properly can help businesses have the right products in the right quantity on hand. This can also help in avoiding instances of products being out of stock or funds being tied up in excess stock. o see how Quantzig’s analytics dashboards can help you analyze inventory levels in real-time. “The use of inventory management solutions isn’t just limited to warehouses but also benefits manufacturing businesses in terms of streamlining their repair, maintenance, and operations,”says an industry expert ...