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Supply chain consultants look to optimize the project process

October 08, 2018 / Peter Caulfield

The term was coined by Keith Oliver, a consultant with management consultants Booz Allen Hamilton, in 1982, said Jerome Ferber, learning transformation lead at the Supply Chain Management Association of Canada (SCMA). Before the collective term came into being, there were only practitioners for its separate parts: procurement, logistics, inventory control and warehousing. Ferber says that today the roles of most supply chain managers have expanded to include all of the various elements of supply chain management (SCM). “Supply chain management covers the flow of goods, services, finance and information within and among organizations, from raw materials to end users, in the most efficient and effective manner possible,” said Ferber. “It is how organizations provide goods and services to their customers. The goal is to maximize value, manage risk and support organizational goals through integration and optimization of the supply chain.”