Catch Your Ride to Becoming an Innovative Transportation Community

June 30, 2022 | 2:30 PM EST | USA

Aside from building infrastructure, communities are moving towards other initiatives focused on technology and innovation. The technology and innovation industries expedite communication, facilitate transportation, and employ STEM-oriented approaches as solutions. This webinar will highlight how cities and towns are making room for technology-oriented lifestyles for more vibrant and future-forward communities.
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Digital is disrupting traditional models and reshaping entire industries. This infographic looks at seven trends that are transforming supply chains, and how companies can plan for the future.


Supply chain resilience and sustainability in procurement

June 09, 2022 | 10:00 AM BST

Procurement professionals the world over have gained a more prominent position in organisations, largely due to the attention they drew during the pandemic. And while the disruptions highlighted an urgent need to increase resilience in supply chains, they also forced many organisations to pause or postpone their efforts in ethical and sustainable practices. Now, as the profession returns its focus to these three key activities, many are left asking – how do you achieve best practice in resilience, ethics and sustainability?
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Tackle your poor quality using data and technology

June 02, 2022 | 8:30 AM ET

Managing supply chain quality has never been more complicated, as the constant flow of disruptions makes it difficult for companies to adapt! However, did you know that some companies continue to thrive in these uncertain times?Join our exclusive webinar where our expert, Cody Kelly, will share breakthrough strategies on how to leverage data and technology to minimize the costs of poor quality and finally help you improve your bottom line.
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The Things Logistics Webinar

June 02, 2022 | 4:00 PM CEST

Discover next-generation LoRaWAN® use cases that will make your logistics smarter and take a deep dive into the latest IoT solutions together with the industry leaders. Get all your questions answered, boost your LoRaWAN development, connect with the industry’s #1 LoRaWAN experts and meet the relevant market players at the click of a button.
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The Transportation Electrification Policy Landscape

May 18, 2022 | 2:00 PM ET

Join us on May 18th at 2:00pm, for the second webinar of the Transportation Electrification series. This webinar will focus on the specific policies, regulations and cross-sector collaboration needed to manage the transition to electrification. The panel will have experts from both the electric and transportation sectors to discuss what is needed to ensure a smooth transition to electrification including policies and regulations, communications and collaboration and overall needs for both sectors to build electrification into their day-to-day work and operations.
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