Powerbridge Technologies Enters into Metaverse to Create a New Model of Smart and Immersive Travel & Leisure

Powerbridge Technologies | February 04, 2022

Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: PBTS) ("Powerbridge" or the "Company"), a provider of multi-industry technology solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership between its wholly-owned subsidiary, Powermeta Digital Co., Ltd. ("Powermeta") and Beyondvision Cultural Development Co., Ltd. ("Beyondvision") to jointly establish Metafusion Digital Co., Ltd. ("Metafusion") with the vision to embrace metaverse into the virtual world of travel and leisure.

Metafusion will apply metaverse and NFT related technologies to reshape the travel and leisure industry services and elevate consumer experience with immersive digital spaces. Metafusion will focus on smart travel and leisure site operations, metaverse tourism, metaverse museums and NFT of cultural intellectual properties.

Furthermore, Metafusion will leverage on Beyondvision's vast experience as well as its customers and partners to bolster smart applications and metaverse technology into the travel and leisure industry. Beyondvision's accumulated customer base and resources will provide Metafusion with an established foothold in the market to build various metaverse scenes to the consumers with enhanced immersive experience.

As more and more tech giants such as Meta, Microsoft, Disney, Tencent, Baidu and ByteDance are venturing into metaverse, we strongly believe this technology will change the way we experience the world. With the influence of metaverse and NFT technologies, it will help revolutionize the travel and leisure industry so as to expand our revenue channel. We hope to see that the operating income of Metafusion will exceed $15 million within the next two years."

Stewart Lor, President of Powerbridge.

I look forward to lead the team at Metafusion as I believe we are well-positioned to take advantage of opportunities to apply smart applications and metaverse technology in the travel and leisure industry. The metaverse technology is a perfect match to enhance consumer experience at the travel and leisure sites, and NFT is ideal to further support our metaverse ecosystem. I trust that my background and expertise will add significant value to the company."

Dr. Evan Liao, President of Metafusion.

Dr. Evan Liao has been appointed as the president of Metafusion. As a veteran of the urban planning and travel and leisure industries, Dr. Evan has over 20 years of experience in project planning and site development. Dr. Evan obtained his masters' and doctoral degrees from internationally renowned universities in Taiwan and the United States, and he's worked with renowned institutions such as the BBC and the International Tourism Investment Association (ITIA) among others as a consultant, lecturer or member.

About Powerbridge Technologies
Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: PBTS) is a provider of technology solutions for the global trade industry, IoT platform services as well as intelligent fixtures and devices for smart city operations, supply chain platforms and social livestreaming services for the retail industry, metaverse and smart solutions for the travel and leisure industry, as well as cryptomining and digital asset operations.


The last stage of warehouse development project was completed last year by adding a new 7800 m2 building to the rest of Hegelmann Logistics facilities in Kaunas, Lithuania.


The last stage of warehouse development project was completed last year by adding a new 7800 m2 building to the rest of Hegelmann Logistics facilities in Kaunas, Lithuania.

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J.B. Hunt to Acquire Brokerage Assets of BNSF Logistics for Expansion

J.B. Hunt | September 22, 2023

J.B. Hunt to acquire BNSF Logistics' brokerage operations, expanding its logistics capabilities. The acquisition builds on a 30-year partnership between J.B. Hunt and BNSF Railway. Brad Hicks, EVP of J.B. Hunt, highlights the value proposition for customers and growth opportunities. J.B. Hunt Transport Services, North America's supply chain solutions provider, has significantly expanded its capabilities. In collaboration with Burlington Northern Santa Fe, LLC, the company is making waves in the industry with the announcement of a definitive agreement. This agreement paves the way for the subsidiary, J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc., to acquire the brokerage operations of BNSF Logistics, LLC, a notable affiliate of BNSF Railway Company renowned for its comprehensive third-party logistics services, covering a wide spectrum, from full truckload and flatbed to temperature-controlled, drayage, expedited, and less-than-truckload services. Katie Farmer, CEO and President of BNSF Railway, mentioned, This agreement with J.B. Hunt reflects companies’ shared commitment to provide industry-leading intermodal service to the customers. This continues more than 30 years of partnership between BNSF and J.B. Hunt and builds on our announcement to further integrate our joint services. [Source – Business Wire] Additionally, BNSF Logistics also offers additional services such as warehousing, retail specialty, heavy-haul, and project services; however, these services are not part of the current transaction. This strategic move underscores J.B. Hunt's commitment to strengthening its logistics and supply chain position, enhancing its service offerings, and ultimately delivering greater value to its customers. Executive Vice President of People and President of Highway Services at J.B. Hunt, Brad Hicks, expressed that BNSF Logistics has demonstrated impressive customer service across various customer sizes. He highlighted that this acquisition, combined with their outstanding intermodal and J.B. Hunt 360box power-only service offering, will create a compelling value proposition for customers, foster growth opportunities for J.B. Hunt, and enhance service capabilities for BNSF Logistics' employee and agent model. In 1989, J.B. Hunt and BNSF Railway reshaped transportation with an innovative double-stack shipping solution, a pioneering concept that seamlessly combined rail and trucking services. In March 2022, these industry leaders initiated a collaborative effort to increase the intermodal sector's capacity significantly. This ongoing partnership builds upon a longstanding business relationship and shared strategic vision focused on delivering efficient, value-driven solutions to customers within the North American supply chain. As the transaction concludes, the brokerage operations of BNSF Logistics will become integrated into J.B. Hunt's integrated capacity solutions for segment reporting purposes. The acquisition will be financed using J.B. Hunt's existing cash balance and is on track to be finalized by the end of the year. It's important to note that BNSF Logistics currently offers value-added 3PL services for BNSF Railway. Upon the transaction's completion, a long-term service agreement will be established between BNSF Railway and J.B. Hunt, ensuring the continued provision of these vital services by J.B. Hunt for BNSF Railway. This strategic alignment is set to bolster operational efficiency, elevate service quality, and further solidify the commitment of both entities to the North American supply chain.

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Truckstop Acquires FreightFriend to Deliver Intelligent, Relationship-first Freight Matching

prnewswire | July 24, 2023

Truckstop today announced it has acquired the FreightFriend℠ cloud-based capacity and freight management solution that harnesses the power of AI to manage relationships, find capacity and match freight with greater efficiency. Truckstop's acquisition of the FreightFriend platform extends the Company's leadership in matching high-quality freight with high-quality carriers. The FreightFriend platform is industry-leading technology that enables carriers and brokers to manage their business relationships, reduce friction and improve outcomes of freight matching activities. "At Truckstop, we continue to invest in our industry-leading freight marketplace and compliance management offerings. Our solutions reduce friction and increase trust in the market while driving greater efficiencies and higher profits for both brokers and carriers," said Kendra Tucker, chief executive officer, Truckstop. "With the acquisition of RMIS, and now the FreightFriend solution, we will further enable our customers to build and foster relationships that support the growth of their businesses." Together, Truckstop™ and the FreightFriend technology deliver a breakthrough solution that maximizes in-network and out-of-network relationships. In one centralized experience, brokers and carriers can manage and grow their networks, promote loads and trucks, receive intelligent matches and digitally book freight. "Relationships and trust are at the heart of moving freight efficiently, safely and profitably," said Noam Frankel, founder and chief executive officer, FreightFriend. "We are thrilled to continue our mission of building trust and transparency in the freight market; the combination of the Truckstop and FreightFriend solutions will be a powerful tool for brokers and carriers alike to match freight, service their clients effectively and build a profitable business." About Truckstop Truckstop is a trusted partner for carriers, brokers, and shippers, empowering the freight community through a platform of innovative solutions for the entire freight lifecycle to increase efficiency, automate processes, and accelerate growth. As one of the industry's largest neutral freight marketplaces, Truckstop provides the customer service as well as scale of quality loads and trucks to give customers of all sizes, whether on the road or in the office, the transparency and freedom to build lasting relationships and grow their businesses. To learn how Truckstop is helping move the freight community forward, visit About FreightFriend FreightFriend is a cloud-based truckload procurement solution that harnesses the power of AI to find capacity and match freight. The software solutions include a carrier relationship management (CRM) platform, freight matching and a relationship-based marketplace, and predictive new carrier discovery.

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SUBARU Expands with Kinaxis to Optimize Supply Chain Management in its Automotive Business

businesswire | August 09, 2023

Kinaxis Inc. the leading provider of supply chain management solutions, today announced that SUBARU CORPORATION (SUBARU) has expanded its work with Kinaxis to improve demand forecasting operations, optimize inventory and increase operational efficiency. The company's U.S. subsidiary is already using Kinaxis for accessory and service parts planning for its automotive business and has optimized demand planning and inventory to ensure adequate product supply. SUBARU’s Japan headquarters selected Kinaxis for its operational and implementation experience, superior functionality and feasibility for business innovation and improved transparency throughout the supply chain. The automotive industry is undergoing a period of change based on Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric (CASE) and is required to respond to new areas that have not been part of traditional car manufacturing. While it is essential to follow the rapidly changing business environment, existing supply chain management systems are becoming increasingly complex. SUBARU is using Kinaxis’ RapidResponse platform to further enhance its supply chain planning operations for accessories and service parts for its automotive business. Kazutaka Saito, senior general manager of SUBARU’s Parts & Accessories Division said, "We hope to achieve an efficient supply of service parts that will meet our customers' needs while keeping inventory levels under control." Claire Rychlewski, global executive vice president of sales at Kinaxis said, "We are excited to continue to support SUBARU's global supply chain as the automotive industry undergoes a period of significant change. End-to-end supply chain visibility is critical to address all the uncertainties in the marketplace, and we look forward to helping SUBARU achieve its supply chain goals.” About Kinaxis Inc. Everyday volatility and uncertainty demand quick action. Kinaxisdelivers the agility to make fast, confident decisions across integrated business planning and the digital supply chain. People can plan better, live better and change the world. Trusted by innovative brands, we combine human intelligence with AI and concurrent planning to help companies plan for any future, monitor risks and opportunities and respond at the pace of change. Powered by an extensible, cloud-based platform, Kinaxis delivers industry-proven applications so everyone can know sooner, act faster and remove waste. About SUBARU Since its start as an automobile manufacturer in 1958 with the launch of the "Subaru 360", SUBARU has always provided new values for vehicles and strengthened ties with customers by pioneering new categories and creating technological values represented by the world's first1 driver assistance system "EyeSight", starting from core technologies such as horizontally opposed engine and symmetrical AWD. In recent years, we have positioned the U.S. as a priority market and have focused our product lineup on SUVs and sports models, adopting a strategy of concentrating our limited resources on areas where we can develop strengths and features. We provide "Safety and Pleasure" through our high value-added products. Inheriting the passion for manufacturing that began with Subaru's predecessor, Nakajima Aircraft, we continue to lead Japan's aerospace industry by developing and producing a wide variety of aircraft.

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