TRANSPORTATION and SANY Establish Joint Venture to Develop Next Generation of Autonomous Trucks for Mass Production | July 28, 2022 | Read time : 03:51 min and SANY Establish Joint, a leading global autonomous driving technology company, announced a strategic joint venture with SANY Heavy Truck (SANY), a subsidiary of SANY Heavy Industry, China’s number one heavy equipment manufacturer and the third largest heavy equipment manufacturer and SANY will collaborate to create a world-leading autonomous truck brand. The two companies will deeply integrate’s "virtual driver" with SANY's technical accumulation in the field of wire-controlled chassis and vehicle development to jointly develop high-end heavy trucks that are automotive-grade and have L4-class redundancies. These trucks will inaugurate the future of truck logistics transportation.

The joint venture plans to start small-scale deliveries of the robotrucks in 2022 and 2023. Mass production of the L4 truck will commence in 2024 and within a few years will reach an annual production of around 10,000 trucks.

The first prototype of the autonomous truck was built on SANY's new EV truck platform and has already conducted road testing. The JV’s autonomous truck product portfolio will include a mix of new energy vehicles (NEVs) and fuel-based, with the aim to increase the proportion of NEV trucks in the future.

The addressable market for trucking is substantial; in 2021 alone, heavy truck sales in China exceeded 1.3 million units. Once mass production is achieved, the partners expect the penetration rate of L4 trucks in China’s heavy truck market to increase steadily.

“SANY has industry-leading heavy truck manufacturing technology and is pioneering the architecture of ‘new energy’ heavy trucks, intelligent network connections, and other key areas, Integrating's core autonomous driving technologies with the capabilities of SANY enables our joint venture to create a successful intelligent truck and logistics ecosystem for L4 autonomous trucking.”

-James Peng,’s co-founder and CEO

This partnership between SANY and is the ultimate collaboration between truck ‘body’ and truck ‘brain’ and thus makes it possible to mass produce high-level autonomous trucks. This partnership, which features complementary strengths and competitive advantages, will advance autonomous trucking and logistics well into the future and will lead to a safer, more efficient, intelligent logistics system,” said Liang Linhe, Chairman of SANY Heavy Truck. has always been committed to developing autonomous driving software and hardware solutions in-house. In June, released its autonomous driving controller (ADC) designed for automotive-grade mass production. The ADC is built on the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin system-on-chip and will fully enable the trucks produced by the joint venture.

“The establishment of this new venture between and SANY is a significant milestone for the trucking industry, Powered by NVIDIA DRIVE, this next-generation of new-energy autonomous trucks will enable the delivery of goods to address ever-growing e-commerce demands without compromising safety and reliability — while reducing the transportation industry’s dependence on fossil fuels.”

-Rishi Dhall, vice president of Automotive, NVIDIA.

Today’s partnership announcement follows on the heels of the recently formed Cyantron joint venture between and Sinotrans, which commenced operations in April and aims to enhance the digitalization and intelligence of the transportation process.

Creating partnerships with the top companies in both trucking and logistics is key to’s robotruck “golden triangle” strategy. has core autonomous driving technology, which is the key to enabling logistics and future heavy truck manufacturing; logistics companies have accumulated extensive transport experience and a strong customer base, while heavy truck manufacturers have the technical expertise in vehicle development and manufacturing. Cementing relationships between leading global partners creates a powerful standard and framework for future development in the industry. Consumers worldwide will benefit from the development of commercial-scale L4 trucking, including more robust supply chains, lower costs for delivered goods, enhanced road safety, and significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

According to’s robotruck operations experience, based on vehicle planning and control as well as route planning, autonomous trucks can save 10%-20% of energy compared with conventional trucks. In addition, with the gradual expansion of the JV’s new energy products, by 2030, the joint venture’s trucks will reduce CO2 emission by more than one million tons, equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by thousands of acres of forest.

Leading global autonomous driving technology company, Inc. (“”) is pursuing an ambitious vision for autonomous mobility. We aim to bring safe, sustainable, and accessible mobility to the entire world. We believe that autonomous technology can make our roads exponentially safer for travelers. Founded in late 2016, has been a pioneer in extending autonomous mobility technologies and services at a rapidly expanding footprint of sites around the world. has formed partnerships with leading OEMs, including Toyota, SANY, FAW Group, GAC Group, etc. To date, has accumulated 8.6 million autonomous testing and operation miles worldwide.

About SANY Heavy Truck
Established in 2018, SANY Heavy Truck (part of SANY Group) is a pioneer in the company’s digital and intelligent transformation. With SANY Group’s industry-leading R&D and manufacturing power, SANY Heavy Truck has launched fuel heavy trucks, electric heavy trucks, hydrogen energy heavy trucks, intelligent power exchange stations, and other industry-leading products. It ranked sixth in the tractor industry in 2020 and is the national sales champion for new energy heavy trucks in 2021 and the first half of 2022.

In 2019, SANY and DEUTZ set up a joint venture to jointly develop and manufacture diesel engines; in early 2022, it signed a strategic cooperation with EVE and TELD to cooperate in new energy heavy trucks, power battery manufacturing and R&D, and battery gradient utilization. In 2022, SANY and will jointly carry out R&D, production, and sales of L4-level self-driving heavy trucks.


International shipping transports approximately 80% of global trade by volume and over 70% of global trade by value. The safety of vessels is critical to the global economy. The maritime industry saw the number of total losses remain stable during 2015, declining slightly to 85; the lowest total for a decade and the second year in a row annual losses fell below 100. In total, there were 2,687 reported shipping casualties (incidents) during 2015, down 4% year-on-year. The East Mediterranean and Black Sea region (484) remains the global hotspot. Together, with the British Isles, N.Sea, Eng. Channel, Bay of Biscay, it accounts for a third of all incidents over the past decade. Thursday is the most frequent day for shipping incidents with Saturday the safest.


International shipping transports approximately 80% of global trade by volume and over 70% of global trade by value. The safety of vessels is critical to the global economy. The maritime industry saw the number of total losses remain stable during 2015, declining slightly to 85; the lowest total for a decade and the second year in a row annual losses fell below 100. In total, there were 2,687 reported shipping casualties (incidents) during 2015, down 4% year-on-year. The East Mediterranean and Black Sea region (484) remains the global hotspot. Together, with the British Isles, N.Sea, Eng. Channel, Bay of Biscay, it accounts for a third of all incidents over the past decade. Thursday is the most frequent day for shipping incidents with Saturday the safest.

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Aurora and Schneider to Autonomously Haul Freight in Texas

Aurora and Schneider | August 02, 2022

Aurora Innovation, Inc. (NASDAQ: AUR), a leading autonomous vehicle company, and Schneider National, Inc. (NYSE: SNDR), a premier multimodal provider of transportation services, announced a multiphase commercial pilot to haul freight for Schneider’s customers with the Aurora Driver, Aurora’s autonomous technology. This pilot reflects an important step for Schneider toward understanding how to incorporate autonomous trucks into its fleet to improve efficiencies and address the growing demand to move goods. “Understanding more about an autonomous future is the logical next step to build a network that continues to deliver the best service for our customers,” -Rob Reich, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer at Schneider. Schneider hauls freight on over 9.3 million miles a day for America’s biggest companies, creating an attractive value proposition for autonomous trucks that can haul freight 24/7/365. The Aurora Driver will begin weekly autonomous hauls this week between Dallas and Houston with Aurora vehicle operators on board. Load frequency is expected to increase as Schneider expands its relationship with Aurora. Working with Schneider will be instrumental as Aurora makes progress toward delivering Aurora Horizon, its subscription-based autonomous trucking product. The pilot will strengthen and prepare Aurora Horizon in three important areas ahead of its launch: Autonomy at scale – The Aurora Driver learns from every load it hauls autonomously. As the scale of these pilots increases, so does the Aurora Driver’s experience. Vehicle readiness – Weekly hauls allow Aurora to test the durability of its next-generation trucks, based on PACCAR’s Peterbilt 579M, for commercial operation and deployment. Premium service – Aurora’s fourth commercial pilot enables one of the industry’s largest carriers to play a crucial role in testing and validating Aurora’s product and service. “Schneider has a reputation for delivering consistent and reliable service, evidenced by the sheer number of Fortune 500 customers. Preparing Aurora Horizon for prime-time with Schneider springloads our ability to deploy our product at scale in the years to come,” -Sterling Anderson, Aurora’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer. About Aurora Aurora (Nasdaq: AUR) is delivering the benefits of self-driving technology safely, quickly, and broadly to make transportation safer, increasingly accessible, and more reliable and efficient than ever before. The Aurora Driver is a self-driving system designed to operate multiple vehicle types, from freight-hauling semi-trucks to ride-hailing passenger vehicles, and underpins Aurora Horizon and Aurora Connect, its driver-as-a-service products for trucking and ride-hailing. Aurora is partnered with industry leaders across the transportation ecosystem, including Toyota, FedEx, Volvo Trucks, PACCAR, Uber, Uber Freight, U.S. Xpress, Werner, Covenant, and Schneider. To learn more, visit About Schneider Schneider is a premier multimodal provider of transportation, intermodal and logistics services. Offering one of the broadest portfolios in the industry, Schneider’s solutions include Regional and Long-Haul Truckload, Expedited, Dedicated, Bulk, Intermodal, Brokerage, Warehousing, Supply Chain Management, Port Logistics and Logistics Consulting.With $5.6 billion in annual revenue, Schneider has been safely delivering superior customer experiences and investing in innovation for over 85 years. The company’s digital marketplace, Schneider FreightPower®, is revolutionizing the industry giving shippers access to an expanded, highly flexible capacity network and provides carriers with unmatched access to quality drop-and-hook freight – Always Delivering, Always Ahead.

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Shippeo Unveils Carrier Recognition Program Alongside Enhanced Automated Onboarding Experience

Shippeo | July 06, 2022

Shippeo, a leading provider of global and multimodal shipment visibility, has launched a new program recognizing and rewarding carriers who champion supply chain visibility. Accompanying the launch are a raft of enhancements to its automated carrier onboarding solution, which now offers the easiest and fastest visibility platform integration for carriers on the market.“Over 150,000 carriers are already connected to Shippeo’s Multimodal Visibility Network, supplying high-quality real-time shipment data to shippers and logistics service providers all over the world,” says Head of Carrier Network, Alexandru Mihailenco. Real-time visibility of supply chain transport has become increasingly sought after by companies since the beginning of 2020. The carrier community plays such a pivotal role in shaping the future of transportation visibility, and determining how accurate and reliable shipment visibility data is for shippers, logistics service providers, and their end customers. Shippeo’s Carrier Network team has a mission to help each carrier they work with capitalize on all the benefits Shippeo’s visibility platform brings, from improved productivity to market differentiation. We’ve established our Carrier Recognition Program™ to recognize and reward carriers who are engaged and committed to providing shippers with exceptional levels of supply chain visibility, via Shippeo’s real-time and multimodal transportation visibility platform, explains Mihailenco. The program includes publication of the Visibility Champion List™, which acknowledges exceptional carriers providing the best service to shippers with consistently high levels of shipment tracking, offering carriers another way to stand out from their peers. It’s the first of many initiatives planned to recognize carrier partners, including a special carrier-focused awards ceremony coming later this year. Shippeo has also released a new version of its Onboarding Automation Center, the company’s market-leading solution simplifying and accelerating carrier onboarding to its visibility network. The enhanced application now gives carriers the option of full autonomy when setting up and configuring their connection to the platform. “Our customers and their carrier partners tell us that our onboarding experience is second to none, having achieved a 98% carrier onboarding satisfaction rate, These latest enhancements to our Onboarding Automation Center represent another leap forward, making integrations with the Shippeo platform even easier to follow for carriers. In turn, we’re able to help our customers fast-track the time to value for their visibility project, reaching higher tracking rates for shipments sooner, and in turn more accurate and reliable shipment statuses and ETA data that Shippeo is known for.” -Lucien Besse, Chief Operating Officer at Shippeo About Shippeo Shippeo is a global leader in real-time multimodal transportation visibility, helping major shippers and logistics service providers operate more collaborative, automated, sustainable, profitable, and customer-centric supply chains. This is made possible with highly accurate, real-time operational visibility and perfect workflow orchestration. Their Multimodal Visibility Network integrates with more than 875 TMS, telematics and ELD systems, enabling Shippeo’s platform to provide instant access to real-time shipment tracking across all transport modes, in a single portal, through an intuitive user experience. A proprietary and industry-leading machine learning algorithm offers unmatched ETA accuracy, allowing supply chain companies to quickly anticipate problems, proactively alert customers, efficiently manage exceptions with collaborative workflows, and accurately measure CO2 and GHG emissions from supply chain transport. Hundreds of customers, including global brands like Coca-Cola HBC, Carrefour, Renault Group, Schneider Electric, Total, Faurecia, Saint-Gobain and Eckes Granini, trust Shippeo to track more than 28 million shipments per year across 75 countries. Learn more at

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Lidl is Working with RELEX for Efficient Supply Chain Planning

RELEX | September 17, 2022

Lidl, an international grocery retailer based in Germany, has been working with RELEX’s solution for forecasting and replenishment in several countries to boost transparency and flexibility throughout their supply chain. This partnership allows Lidl to meet their goals of higher availability, lower inventory levels, and reduced out-of-stocks.Since 2018, Lidl has worked with the RELEX software for forecasting and automatic replenishment. Germany and several other countries are using the replenishment solution at present. Working with RELEX gives Lidl more transparency over their supply chain, thereby enabling the retailer to react quickly and flexibly to changes – even if they are unexpected. This was especially valuable at the beginning of the pandemic. RELEX supports Lidl specifically by automatically taking into consideration the multitude of factors that influence demand in its forecasts, at both a store level and throughout the entire supply chain. At the same time, due to its fast adaptability, the RELEX solution allows for establishing standardized processes with maximum flexibility. In May 2018, the pilot phase of the project started in Germany with the product group of frozen products. The main goal was to reduce manual ordering processes, thereby gaining time for other in-store activities while maintaining the already good product availability. In 2019, the project was expanded to roll out the remaining assortments in Germany and Finland and also to implement the system in twelve other countries. RELEX’s advanced technology gives us better control over our supply chain by providing more visibility, says Michael Hahn, who is responsible for supply chain management software systems at Schwarz IT. “The flexibility of the system allows us to quickly react to changes. In the last two years in particular, this has given us genuine added value. “Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which we ensure through reliable availability of products and other initiatives. RELEX Solutions’ software has supported us in making the processes in our stores more efficient,” -Tarek Schmid, Senior Director Sales at Lidl International. We are proud to partner with Lidl and to work with yet another globally successful company, says Michael Hoffmann, RELEX Vice President Field Operations DACH [Germany, Austria, Switzerland] Stefano Scandelli, Senior Vice President EMEA and APAC at RELEX, says, “We look forward to working together to make Lidl’s international supply chain more transparent and responsive so that Lidl can react quickly to any potential change and always offer its customers the right products in the right quantity.” About RELEX Solutions RELEX Solutions helps retailers and consumer brands drive profitable growth across all sales and distribution channels by maximizing customer satisfaction and minimizing operative costs. Our market-leading, unified supply chain and retail planning platform helps retailers and consumer goods companies align and optimize demand, merchandise, supply chain, and operations planning across the end-to-end value chain. We drive record-high product availability, increased sales, improved sustainability, and the best return on investment in inventory, space, workforce, and capacity. Leading brands like Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, Stokke, Rite Aid, Sprouts Farmers Market, AutoZone, and PetSmart trust RELEX to optimize their supply chain and retail planning. Go to for more. About Lidl The Lidl retail company, as part of the Schwarz retail group headquartered in Neckarsulm, is one of the leading companies in the food retail industry in Germany and Europe. Lidl currently operates over 12,000 stores and more than 200 logistics centers and warehouses in 31 countries. As a discount supermarket, Lidl places value on an optimal price-quality ratio for its customers. Simplicity and process orientation determine everyday operations in the stores, regional distribution centers and services. As a system provider, Lidl Stiftung, headquartered in Neckarsulm, is responsible for the design and structure of standardized processes. Lidl currently has more than 360,000 employees. Dynamism in daily implementation, strength as a result and fairness in dealing with one another characterize working at Lidl across the globe. In its daily trading, Lidl assumes responsibility for people, society and the environment. At Lidl, sustainability is a case of fulfilling its quality promise every day. The Schwarz Group, which operates worldwide as a retail group, generated a turnover of 133.6 billion euros in the financial year 2021.

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