KlearNow Rebrands to KlearNow.AI, Highlights Strategic Emphasis on AI and ML

KlearNow.AI | March 14, 2023 | Read time : 01:42 min


KlearNow, smart Logistics as a Service (LaaS) platform, announced the rebranding of KlearNow as KlearNow.AI. The rebranding is to better reflect the company's mission towards advancing the global logistics industry with cutting-edge AI and ML technologies.

KlearNow.AI has become a global leader in LaaS with a rapid 30x revenue growth in the past two years. It offers smart solutions that assist businesses in addressing the increasingly complex challenges that supply chain industries face. This rebranding signifies a turning point in the company's journey and underscores its dedication to utilizing AI and ML to bring greater innovation and automating workflows in the logistics sector.

Since its establishment in 2018, KlearNow.AI's AI and ML-powered platform has accelerated customs entry, and drayage processes, boosted productivity for freight brokers, forwarders, importers/exporters, and truckers by identifying exceptions, automating data capture, and eliminating defects, waiting time, overproduction, and manual rework. It also offers end-to-end shipment visibility to the related parties simultaneously. In addition to the speed and precision of its customs clearance and drayage process, which eliminates bottlenecks and costly delays, over one thousand organizations have already adopted its AI and ML-based platform.

By digitizing and automating import processes, KlearNow.AI enables industry 4.0 by dynamically connecting customs brokers, importers, freight forwarders, carriers, and truckers with shipments. This delivers real-time tracking of containers from origin to destination, extending shipment data connectivity and visibility. 

About KlearNow.AI

KlearNow.AI is a smart Logistics as a Service (LaaS) platform committed to simplifying global trade with AI and ML-driven products, making logistics cost-effective, clear and transparent by transforming B2B supply chains. It is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and is rapidly expanding its presence beyond the U.S. to the U.K., Canada, Spain, India, and now the Netherlands. It has doubled its global workforce and added over a thousand new customers across various industries, including furniture, industrial/manufacturing, food & beverage, automotive/transportation, apparel/footwear, and chemicals.


We as Panasonic Factory Solutions are the global market leader for Electronic Manufacturing Equipment. As you can see we offer solutions not only for highly complex operations, but also for optimizing and streamlining the production processes from Screen Printing, different SMD placement machines, odd shape placer such as NPM-VF and guided manual assembly systems.


We as Panasonic Factory Solutions are the global market leader for Electronic Manufacturing Equipment. As you can see we offer solutions not only for highly complex operations, but also for optimizing and streamlining the production processes from Screen Printing, different SMD placement machines, odd shape placer such as NPM-VF and guided manual assembly systems.

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Ryder Rolls Out Carrier Loyalty Program for Freight Brokerage

businesswire | April 13, 2023

Ryder System, Inc. a leader in supply chain, dedicated transportation, and fleet management solutions, announces Ryder’s Freight Brokerage Carrier Loyalty Program, a new points-based program for carriers with Ryder’s freight brokerage division that book and track loads through the Trucker Tools app. The app provides digital trip planning, shipment visibility, predictive freight matching, and automated booking solutions. Based on the level of engagement with Ryder on the platform, carriers with Ryder’s freight brokerage may earn tiered discounts of up to 22% on used vehicle purchases from Ryder through the end of the year. “We want to reward our carriers for consistently and continuously moving freight with Ryder freight brokerage, while helping them grow their fleets,” says Kevin Clonch, group director of transportation management at Ryder. “Carriers are critical to ensuring we can deliver on our promises to our customers, so we strive each and every day to be a shipper of choice. And we do that by providing concierge-level service coupled with digital tools that help carriers maximize uptime and revenue.” With Ryder’s Freight Brokerage Carrier Loyalty Program, carriers are automatically allocated to one of three tiers based on their current level of engagement with Ryder on Trucker Tools. Then, for every load carriers book and track with Ryder freight brokerage on the Trucker Tools app, they earn additional points toward potentially qualifying for a 5%, 15%, or 22% discount off the advertised price of Ryder’s used vehicles through the end of the year. “Our collaboration with Trucker Tools aligns with our strategy of engaging innovative, forward-thinking technology providers that can further enhance our service and product offerings for both carriers and customers in our freight brokerage division,” adds Clonch. Last year, Ryder announced the expansion of its freight brokerage business with a new office in Nashville, Tennessee. The expansion is part of the company’s strategy to grow its broader transportation solution, which offers customers flexibility with several levels of service and capacity, from freight brokerage to transportation management and dedicated transportation. Carriers can find more information about the Ryder Freight Brokerage Carrier Loyalty Program, including terms and conditions, on the Trucker Tools app, along with the largest selection of reliable used vehicles in the industry. “Ensuring our carriers have access to dependable, well-maintained vehicles is a win-win for Ryder and our carriers,” continues Clonch. “More than 95% of our used vehicles have had only one owner, Ryder; and, they’ve been maintained by our expert technicians.” About Ryder System, Inc Ryder System, Inc. is a leading logistics and transportation company. It provides supply chain, dedicated transportation, and fleet management solutions, including warehousing and distribution, e-commerce fulfillment, last-mile delivery, managed transportation, professional drivers, freight brokerage, full-service leasing, maintenance, commercial truck rental, and used vehicle sales to some of the world’s most-recognized brands. Ryder provides services throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. In addition, Ryder manages nearly 260,000 commercial vehicles and operates approximately 300 warehouses encompassing more than 95 million square feet. Ryder is regularly recognized for its industry-leading practices in third-party logistics, technology-driven innovations, commercial vehicle maintenance, environmental stewardship, corporate social responsibility, world-class safety and security programs, military veteran recruitment initiatives, and the hiring of a diverse workforce.

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IBM Chooses Baxter Planning for Service Supply Chain Transformation

prnewswire | April 24, 2023

Baxter Planning, the leading provider of Service Parts Management technology, today announced a five-year agreement with IBM to deploy its Predictive Service Supply Chain solution to drive additional optimization throughout IBM's industry-leading global Service Supply Chain. Baxter Planning's cloud-based solution will replace commercial and legacy IT systems enabling IBM to optimize, automate, and monitor their service parts inventory. This will empower IBM to dramatically reduce unnecessary inventory and logistics costs, while significantly improving customer service. Baxter's Predictive Service Supply Chain solution leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate service parts planning, operations, logistics, analytics, and customer escalation management across all IBM field services worldwide. This strategic partnership between the two companies is built upon years of technology and best-practice collaboration and supports IBM's Predictive Planning vision. To meet tight two-hour part delivery agreements with its customers, IBM currently manages over 350,000 parts and products valued at more than $300 million in active inventory strategically dispersed throughout 74 countries. Baxter's Predictive Service Supply Chain solution is expected to help IBM reduce service execution and inventory costs by tens of millions of U.S. dollars annually. IBM believes the solution will also help improve upon its already best-in-class customer net promoter score. "Baxter's technology, expertise, and vision in automating and optimizing the entire Service Parts Management process became the clear choice for us," said Shannon Beecher, VP of Service Supply Chain at IBM, who oversees the Predictive Planning initiative and manages more than 450 IBM supply chain professionals globally. "The platform from Baxter Planning will help us better serve our customers, reach our sustainability goals, and increase our supply chain resiliency," she added. "IBM is the global leader in driving innovation and business transformation in this area, and we are honored to be their partner in this strategic Service Supply Chain initiative," said Marten Gustafsson, Chief Revenue Officer of Baxter Planning, who partnered with IBM to formalize the long-term partnership. "Shannon and her team are leading the Service Supply Chain industry by putting their customers first and foremost. IBM fully understands how vital service field operations are to customer retention and business growth," he added. The Baxter Planning Predictive Service Supply Chain solution connects disparate workflows and teams with AI-enabled predictive insights that drive significant productivity gains, cost savings, and customer satisfaction. This new, predictive approach to inventory planning, demand forecasting, product lifecycle planning, operations workflow monitoring, reverse logistics, and customer escalation management unlocks significant new value for Service Supply Chain organizations. About Baxter Planning Founded in 1993, Baxter Planning is the world leader in Service Parts Management technology. Global customers such as IBM, Dell, Stanley Black & Decker, and Schneider Electric rely on Baxter's AI-driven software to better manage their Service Supply Chains. Building upon 30 years of experience, the company offers the most advanced and proven technology to reduce inventory, logistics, and operations costs; while also helping customers improve services revenue and better manage service outcomes. Customers using Baxter Planning software are currently managing $11 billion in inventory across 35,000 locations in 120 countries. Baxter Planning is a portfolio company of Polaris Partners, a private investment firm with offices in Boston, San Francisco, and New York.

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Pritchard Commercial Partners with ZEVX to Electrify Commercial Trucks and Fleets

Prnewswire | April 03, 2023

Pritchard Commercial, an industry leader in commercial and fleet vehicle sales, is excited to announce a distribution partnership with ZEVX™, Inc., the worldwide leader in intelligent EV systems. Through this partnership, Pritchard Commercial may now begin nationally selling ZEVX's series of premier battery electric powertrain and power system products. This allows traditional Class 2-5 commercial and fleet vehicles to upgrade to zero carbon EVs. ZEVX is a rapid innovator in battery electric power systems and data intelligence for e-mobility applications. The company has a series of premier battery electric powertrain and power system products that quickly migrate Class 2-5 commercial fleet assets and auxiliary power tools to zero carbon. ZEVX's platinum service mission starts with customers, operating through a deep partner network using existing automotive service infrastructure and tier 1 fleet management companies (FMCs). "Since our founding in 1913, Pritchard Companies and later Pritchard Commercial have been dedicated to offering our trucking and fleet customers the premier parts, services and solutions for all of their needs," said Ryan Pritchard, founding family, fifth generation. "The ZEVX promise of electrifying today's trucks and fleets is nothing short of astonishing. However, it was seeing firsthand what ZEVX has accomplished, while so many others have not, that sold us on a bright future with the company." Pritchard Commercial is a subsidiary of Pritchard Companies, which includes a variety of vehicle offerings. As a national transportation enterprise, Pritchard Commercial supplies everything from chassis to upfitting, registration to logistics, and will now also begin selling ZEVX's battery electric powertrains. With the proof-of-concept stage completed in 2022, Pritchard Commercial is now engaged in an operational trial of the ZEVX intelligent EV power systems in six states, ahead of its broader rollout. "ZEVX electric power systems are helping commercial fleets embrace the future with solutions to lower carbon emissions, improve daily economics and extend the life of existing fleets and vehicles," said Don Listwin, CEO of ZEVX. "Pritchard Commercial, leveraging 110 years and counting of powering our nation's trucks and supply chain, is an ideal partner to increase our speed of fleet modernization and electrification nationwide." About ZEVX ZEVX™ is the worldwide leader in delivering intelligent EV systems powering commercial class 2 to 5 vehicles, power takeoff, reefer refrigeration, and EV infrastructure such as charging stations. ZEVX has a series of battery electric powertrain and power system products that quickly migrate commercial fleet assets to zero carbon. ZEVX has a service mission to support customers through a deep partner network using existing automotive service infrastructure. This provides rapid adoption through our service network to install and deliver advanced data intelligence from fleet asset customers to optimize their carbon transition.

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