Digitalisation Firm, Atos Partners with Eupry to Build “Vaccine Logistics Monitoring as-a-Service” Solution

Atos | December 29, 2020

Digitalisation firm, Atos, has collaborated with Danish cold stockpiling fire up, Eupry, to build a "Vaccine Logistics Monitoring as-a-Service” solution.

The new arrangement will help governments and pharmaceutical companiesfrom around the globe to oversee and refine the supply chain for the enormous scope distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.

Many of the current Covid-19 vaccinations accessible available have testing stockpiling prerequisites, including various vaccines which should be stored at ultra-low temperatures of -80 degrees Celsius.

As the world gears up to vaccinate hundreds individuals in the coming weeks, customary supply chains will be stretched as far as possible.

The pair will consolidate Eupry's wireless data loggers with Atos' long-standing mastery in automation and observing along with its capacity to effectively execute enormous activities on a worldwide scale. Eupry's lumberjacks screen temperatures from - 200°C to 800°C, just as differential weight, stickiness and carbon dioxide across the logistics chain (fridge, freezer, transport and storage).


Supply chain optimization takes organization, customized tools and an experienced logistics partner to achieve. But to get you started on the path to supply chain success, here are some quick tips that help improve shipping processes and carrier relations. Keep these in mind when planning product paths and working with multiple vendors and shippers


Supply chain optimization takes organization, customized tools and an experienced logistics partner to achieve. But to get you started on the path to supply chain success, here are some quick tips that help improve shipping processes and carrier relations. Keep these in mind when planning product paths and working with multiple vendors and shippers

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Wabtec's Precision Dispatch System Helps CN Optimize Its Rail Network

Wabtec | June 07, 2022

With an order from CN, Wabtec introduced its new Precision Dispatch System today. For CN and the whole rail sector, the Precision Dispatch contract is a significant step toward network automation. “CN is leading the industry in rail network optimization as the launch customer for the Precision Dispatch System, This system is the first-of-its-kind and acts as a command-and-control system at the heart of railroad operations. CN will be able to increase capacity, improve efficiency, and safety across its more than 20,000-mile network.” -Nalin Jain, President of Wabtec’s Digital Electronics business. Wabtec's Precision Dispatch System is designed to move trains across the rail network safely and effectively in both signaled and dark area, as well as to provide full visibility of network conditions and to monitor all network components. Precision Dispatch examines data from all rolling stock and wayside device assets, as well as data from Positive Train Control (PTC). The system uses this data to provide sophisticated automation, such as end-to-end electronic communication of obligatory directives and automatic authority execution in dark territory. Precision Dispatch aids in the elimination of human error, the reduction of maintenance and operating expenses, and the achievement of safe and efficient rail operations. “Our focus is running a safe and efficient railroad, and constantly improving our infrastructure, The Precision Dispatch System represents an important step forward in our network optimization. This solution is designed to enable us to maximize the potential of our rail network and will protect the safety of employees.” -Dominique Malenfant, Chief Information and Technology Officer for CN. Wabtec anticipates launching its Precision Dispatch System to CN in late 2023. Following a gradual implementation, this advanced software will be used by 37 desks in CN's control center. Wabtec's commitment to optimize today's rail network, streamline dispatch execution, and increase safety and service delivery has reached a major milestone with this agreement.

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C.H. Robinson Accelerates Supply Chain Digital Connectivity; Saves 65% for Shippers

C.H. Robinson | June 10, 2022

C.H. Robinson, the world's largest logistics company, stated today that it has delivered approximately 2.7 million digital quotes in the previous year, including one million in Q1 2022 alone, a 54 percent increase over Q1 2021. Shippers have saved up to 65% on spot transportation costs thanks to the acceleration of digital B2B supply chain connections. These integrations, which now include direct connections with over 35 transportation management systems (TMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, as well as hundreds of customer routing guides, provide access to automated freight bids, guaranteed capacity, benchmarking and analysis, and real-time market rates that can be booked directly within whatever native platform the shipper is using for transportation management. This provided as a safety net of capacity for shippers of all sizes experiencing more route guide failure during the year's historically high spot market rates. While the market is currently softening, it still gives an easy opportunity to take advantage of cheaper rates. Two-thirds of C.H. Robinson's spot business was priced using its dynamic pricing engine in Q1 2022, which provided real-time rates and capacity guarantee from North America's largest network of truckload carriers, as well as savings such as: Cost savings of up to 65% for networked shippers: When compared to those quoting and booking without a route guide integration, those with route guide integration in their existing TMS realized up to 65% savings on transportation expenses, with an average of 10-20% savings. When compared to quoting through the traditional spot market, those with route guide integration were 75% less likely to be penalized with spot rate premiums. Connected shippers will save thousands of hours of time: Instant rates on spot loads are offered to those connected to C.H. Robinson's dynamic pricing engine, reducing manual labour and saving individual clients thousands of hours per month. “When we connected with C.H. Robinson, we were looking to add digital capabilities as we wanted to reduce manual processes associated with spot rating, especially when market pricing was highly volatile, C.H. Robinson’s technology platform provides us with real-time market rates that we rely on to make the smartest decisions possible for our shipments. We instantaneously get the most competitive rates that we can book with one click, saving us thousands of hours so far.” -Bob Maxwell, Global Category Lead, Transport & Warehouse, Bayer Crop Science

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Waymo Via and Uber Freight Have Teamed up to Accelerate the Future of Logistics

Uber Freight | June 09, 2022

Uber Freight and Waymo Via announced a long-term strategic cooperation today to connect their technology and scale the deployment of autonomous vehicles on the Uber Freight network. This partnership brings together Waymo's technology for self-driving cars with Uber Freight's network and top marketplace technologies to create a plan for putting smart and safe self-driving trucks on U.S. highways. This deal is a significant step forward since it includes a deep product integration and a long-term collaboration plan that includes developing the tools and infrastructure required for Uber Freight's shipper and carrier customers to successfully deploy autonomous trucks. Carriers who purchase Waymo Driver-equipped trucks in the future will be able to join Uber Freight's marketplace via user-friendly apps that will let them effortlessly deploy their autonomous assets across the Uber Freight network. These apps will simplify onboarding, load booking and execution, trailer transfers, and payment, while also enabling a hybrid network ecology in which human drivers and autonomous trucks may work together seamlessly to convey freight. Both firms envision a future in which autonomous trucks handle long-haul driving, alleviating some of the stress of rising freight demand while also allowing drivers to change to shorter-haul occupations that improve their quality of life. The firms will also investigate how the transfer hub model may work with Uber Freight's universal trailer pool program, Powerloop, for smooth and quick transfers between AV trucks and human drivers, streamlining operations between the first, middle, and final mile. Waymo Via aims to reserve billions of miles of its goods-only capacity for the Uber Freight network as part of the long-term arrangement. Because of the size and scope of this partnership, Uber Freight and Transplace will be able to seamlessly integrate autonomy into shipper networks and advise shippers on how to best adjust their supply-chain strategies for a hybrid network future, in which autonomously driven trucks and human-driven trucks work together to move freight more efficiently and safely. Uber Freight is also in a unique position to combine shipments from its $17 billion in freight under management to maximize the use of autonomous and human-driven trucks, as well as to continuously optimize routes once the technology is deployed, saving shippers money, and improving service and reliability. “Uber Freight’s extensive, efficient, and reliable digital network is essential to making autonomous trucks a reality. We are uniquely positioned to be the preferred network for autonomous trucks, with the scale and the marketplace expertise to deploy autonomous trucks in a way that benefits the entire industry. This partnership is an exciting leap forward and we are proud to work alongside the amazing team at Waymo Via to pioneer a hybrid freight network that truly empowers carriers and will ring in a new era of logistics.” -Lior Ron, Head of Uber Freight

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