ActiveState Delivers Trust For The Open Source Supply Chain

ActiveState | June 27, 2022

ActiveState Delivers Trust For
ActiveState announced the availability of their secure build service, a major component of the ActiveState Platform, which implements the greatest number of Supply Chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA) Level 4 controls of any publicly available build platform. As defined by, SLSA is a security framework, a check-list of standards and controls to prevent tampering, improve integrity, and secure packages and infrastructure in your projects, businesses or enterprises. It's how you get from safe enough to being as resilient as possible, at any link in the chain.

ActiveState's Supply Chain Security survey showed that too many organizations (regardless of size) continue to implicitly trust open source language repositories, despite the fact that they provide no guarantee of security or integrity for the millions of third-party software assets they provide to software developers.

The ActiveState Platform secure build service implements the controls to generate SLSA level 4 artifacts for open source components that:
  • Are fully scripted and automated
  • Generate authenticated provenance
  • Provide auditability of the source and the integrity of the provenance, respectively
  • Deliver isolated, ephemeral, hermetic and reproducible builds

ActiveState pairs these controls with its unique open source management capabilities to deliver comprehensive software supply chain security that includes:
  • Automated, tamper-proof builds of open source language dependencies from source code, including native libraries
  • A catalog of source code that is maintained in perpetuity, ensuring build reproducibility even if dependencies are deleted or corrupted in public repositories
  • Enriched dependency metadata, including vulnerability and licensing information
  • Signed artifacts, ensuring that they haven't been tampered with
  • Optional distribution from an Artifact Repository hosted by ActiveState

This means that DevOps now has a trusted vendor for open source supply chain management as an alternative to setting up their own supply chains, which are time-consuming and inherently insecure.

The ActiveState Platform secure build service supports SLSA Level 4 standards to enable DevOps to dramatically reduce the risk and cost of securing their software supply chain while ensuring the security and integrity of the products and services they create.

  "The effort of building and verifying the security and integrity of every open source dependency used by DevOps teams worldwide can be expensive, requiring significant engineering time and resources. The ActiveState Platform secure build service enables DevOps to consume trusted artifacts at a fraction of the cost by implementing controls to meet SLSA Level 4 standards."

-Loreli Cadapan, Vice President, Product Management, ActiveState,

About ActiveState
ActiveState has a 20+ year history of providing secure, scalable open source language solutions to more than 2 million developers and 97% of Fortune 1,000 enterprises. Enterprises choose ActiveState to support mission-critical systems and speed up software development while enhancing the security and integrity of their open source supply chain. Visit for more information.


The Road to 1 Billion Miles in UPS’s Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles UPS is committed to better fuel alternatives, now and for the future. That’s why we recently announced a new goal - to drive 1 billion miles in our alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles by 2017.


The Road to 1 Billion Miles in UPS’s Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles UPS is committed to better fuel alternatives, now and for the future. That’s why we recently announced a new goal - to drive 1 billion miles in our alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles by 2017.

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Introducing the Partner Marketplace: A Comprehensive Transportation and Logistics Ecosystem Empowering the Freight Community | June 29, 2022

In recognition of National Logistics Day and National Insurance Day taking place, announced the launch of the Partner Marketplace. The comprehensive transportation and logistics marketplace provides a trusted ecosystem of products, solutions, and integrations that is designed to help partners, carriers, brokers and shippers keep their businesses moving forward. The Partner Marketplace is comprised of both industry and technology partners in several business categories including financial services, insurance providers, TMS (Transportation Management System) integrations, fuel card providers and more. " has a rich history of building strong relationships which span technology and industry partners. For more than 27 years we have established ourselves as the most trusted solutions provider for carriers, brokers and shippers,The Partner Marketplace is a new ecosystem of partner driven solutions that add value to the entire freight and logistics industry. This creates synergies at the center of the entire transportation market." -Craig Varljen, vice president partnerships and alliances, has proven to be a trusted service and industry partner since its inception, with the new Partner Marketplace providing a convenient rolodex of other reputable businesses in the industry benefiting carriers, brokers and shippers. "A unique aspect of the freight transportation industry is that it's collegial in nature,Nobody exemplifies this united purpose more than and by joining their partner marketplace we are able to better serve this community together." -Bruno Stanziale, chief executive officer and chairman of GoToro Initial marketplace offerings and partnerships include, but are not limited to, the following: Industry Partners: Armstrong Transport Group, Benefits for Trucking, Go Toro, HWY Fuel, Reliance, Roanoke Insurance Group, TVC Pro-Driver, United Commercial Insurance Technology Partners: Banyan Technology, Duke.AI,, Hubtek, Kestrel Insights, Lean Solutions Group, Optimal Dynamics, Parade, ProMiles, RoadSync, Total Control TMS, Tranztec, Trax Technologies Partners can choose from three listing tiers – each designed to provide a curated benefits package. This can include an array of benefits ranging from a partner listing in the Partner Marketplace portal to mutual enablement and co-marketing activities.Mobile users will be able to access the Partner Marketplace from the Truckstop Go™ mobile app. For more information about the Partner Marketplace or how to become a partner, please visit About is a trusted partner for carriers, brokers, and shippers – empowering the freight community through a platform of innovative solutions for the entire freight lifecycle to increase efficiency, automate processes, and accelerate growth. As one of the industry's largest neutral freight marketplaces, provides the customer service as well as scale of quality loads and trucks to give customers of all sizes, whether on the road or in the office, the transparency and freedom to build lasting relationships and grow their businesses. To learn how is helping move the freight community forward, visit

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TuSimple Partners with Global Logistics Leader, Hegelmann Group

TuSimple | July 20, 2022

TuSimple (Nasdaq: TSP), a global autonomous driving technology company, has announced its partnership with Hegelmann Group, a major European transport and logistics provider, that operates a fleet of over 5,000 vehicles, including an initial reservation of purpose-built SAE Level 4 (L4) Autonomous International® Trucks for operation in North America. The trucks will be equipped with TuSimple's advanced autonomous driving system and will be based on a world-class global vehicle platform developed by Navistar. Hegelmann's partnership with TuSimple signals the symbiotic path of both partners to offer innovative solutions that address the ongoing driver shortage while lowering greenhouse gas emissions and improving vehicle and environmental safety. Hegelmann's reservation of factory-production units with TuSimple technology is a primary action in developing a new state-of-the-art logistics network in North America called the TuSimple Autonomous Freight Network (AFN). Early studies show that autonomous trucks in this type of network have the potential to reduce fuel consumption for middle mile transportation. "TuSimple's innovations will elevate our ability to compete and prosper in the North American market and are analogous to our stated objective to become a global logistics technology adopter, Undoubtedly autonomous trucks with TuSimple technology are the future of transportation, and Hegelmann's strategy is to likewise be a standard bearer for innovations that push safety and efficiency to the next era of logistics excellence." -Andrew Jasinskas, Business Development Project Manager – Hegelmann USA. We are pleased to add Hegelmann to our rapidly growing fleet partners who wish to adopt, integrate, and scale SAE L4 truck operation in the United States,said Lee White, Vice President of Strategy. Hegelmann chose TuSimple as their autonomous vehicle technology partner due to TuSimple's leadership in the rapidly approaching full-commercialization of autonomous vehicles. TuSimple demonstrated its leadership with the industry's first Driver Out (no human intervention or operator) runs in 2021 which the company plans to continue through 2022 as it prepares for full commercialization. TuSimple's Driver Out pilot program is the product of a year and a half of work to co-develop a L4 autonomous Class 8 vehicle with Navistar to demonstrate the level of redundancy, reliability, consistency, and safety necessary to remove the driver from the truck. By the end of 2023, TuSimple plans to carry paid freight operations in high-density freight lanes in the southern US. Driver-out runs have been critical in scaling autonomous trucking operations on the TuSimple Autonomous Freight Network. About Hegelmann Group The Hegelmann Group was founded in 1998 in Germany. The company has established many branches and has become a transcontinental, international company on a professional high level. On the basis of more than 24 years of experience, owned fleet of more than 5000 transport units, and the resulting know-how, the company provides a wide range of logistic solutions where the customer can be on the pulse of the service. The company offers customers temperature-controlled transport, standard, special, intermodal and non-stop express transport, providing solutions for a wide spectrum of different requests. These include heavy-lift transports, transports of dangerous goods, transporting consolidated cargo, and grouped cargo. The Hegelmann Group never loses a focus on the environment and economy by enhancing sustainable growth and development step by step. Visit for more information. About TuSimple TuSimple is a leader in global (SAE Level 4) autonomous driving technology for long-haul heavy-duty trucks headquartered in San Diego, California, with operations in Arizona, Texas, Europe, and China. In 2021, TuSimple became the world's first autonomous trucking company to successfully complete a fully autonomous, 'driver out' semi-truck run on open public roads without a human in the vehicle or any human intervention. The company also created the very first autonomous trucking lane in the U.S. TuSimple plans to scale its autonomous commercial freight operations on its TuSimple Autonomous Freight Network (AFN). Visit us at

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Netradyne Announces Partnership with Boyle Transportation

Netradyne | June 16, 2022

Netradyne, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing focusing on driver and fleet safety, announced a partnership with Boyle Transportation, a specialized transportation logistics provider for life sciences and defense companies. Through the partnership, Boyle Transportation will deploy Netradyne's vision-based Driver•i safety camera platform throughout its fleet of vehicles. Headquartered in Billerica, MA, Boyle Transportation applies comprehensive, proactive systems to ensure the safe and secure transport of critical cargo. Boyle Transportation specializes in transporting sensitive commodities for the U.S. military and life-saving medicine for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Notably, Boyle was one of the first to transport the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer's Global Supply manufacturing plant to distribution points across the country with their specialized temperature-controlled trucks. In 2021, Boyle was the first carrier to achieve ISO 14001:2015 certification for its Environmental Management System (EMS) in North America and was also awarded the National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) Distinguished Service Award. They have been recognized as one of the 20 "Best Fleets to Drive For" by TCA and Carrier's Edge for eight years in a row, the "Overall Best Fleet" in the smaller fleet category in 2021 and 2020, and a "Top Company for Women to Work for in Transportation" by Women in Trucking. Boyle Transportation selected Driver•i primarily for its reliability and heavy focus on improvement and positive recognition. They also use Driver•iHubX for four additional camera views around the vehicle's exterior. Due to the sensitive nature of their shipments, Boyle requires additional side cameras crucial to their operations. "Netradyne is very Driver-centric; it's refreshing to have a system that recognizes positive driving behavior, not just highlighting areas of improvement," said Michael Lasko, Director of EHS and Quality, Boyle Transportation, "The Driver•i app puts our drivers in control; they can check their metrics and GreenZone score. That data is then presented to our safety department in an actionable way, which helps us determine how to provide the best possible assistance to our professional drivers. Driver•i enables us to identify individual training needs to help our drivers further develop their skills." Lasko went on to say, Aside from a strong compensation package, drivers want to know they are supported the most. Protecting our drivers, reducing claims, and proving a way to accurately identify root causes -- that's where Netradyne hits a grand slam for us. "We're proud to partner with a first-class service provider like Boyle Transportation, Driver•i aligns perfectly with Boyle's commitment to providing its drivers with the very best tools and technology to do their job safely, reliably, and effectively." -Mike DiNucci, CRO, Netradyne. To learn more about the Driver•i products and the Netradyne platform, visit About Netradyne, Inc. Netradyne harnesses the power of Computer Vision and Edge Computing to revolutionize the modern-day transportation ecosystem. Netradyne is an industry leader in fleet safety solutions, immediately improving driver behavior and fleet performance and setting commercial vehicle driving standards. Netradyne collects and analyzes more data points and meaningful information than any other fleet safety organization so customers can improve retention, increase profitability, enhance safety, and enable end-to-end transparency. Organizations trust Netradyne to build a positive, safe, and driver-focused culture to take their business to the next level.

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