Accelalpha Inc. acquires LogistiChange to grow its Oracle cloud consulting services across South America

Accelalpha Inc. | December 10, 2021

Accelalpha announced today that it has completed its acquisition of LogistiChange to expand its Oracle cloud application consulting services to South America. This is a major step in the company's drive to expand its capability to deliver comprehensive, transformational Oracle cloud solutions for its customers, globally. The acquisition also strengthens Accelalpha's post implementation services for Oracle cloud applications.

LogistiChange is known across South America for its expertise and experience working with all aspects of logistics and warehouse management. These capabilities complement and strengthen Accelalpha's enterprise transformation capabilities in both implementation and post-implementation support for Oracle Cloud customers.

"Accelalpha's acquisition of LogistiChange enables us to become an organization that can implement, integrate and manage all of the Oracle cloud applications to deliver comprehensive solutions for our customers across South America."
-Nat Ganesh, Accelalpha CEO.

"Merging LogistiChange with Accelalpha provides an exceptional opportunity for us to expand our services and help our customers more than ever. The two companies are a great fit, geographically, technically and culturally, and we remain deeply committed to delivering service excellence to all our customers."
-Sergio Lillo Bustamante, CEO at LogistiChange

Both companies enjoy an impressive reputation for successfully completing some of the most complicated Oracle cloud deployments. Together, Accelalpha and LogistiChange will deliver integrated solutions including Oracle ERP, EPM, WMS, OTM, and GTM to support Oracle's full range of cloud applications.

About Accelalpha:
Accelalpha is a leader in solving critical business challenges through a unique combination of industry insight, technology depth and a world class team with an unmatched level of experience and domain expertise. We leverage our expertise in end-to-end enterprise solution implementations to help companies build integrated logistic capabilities, optimize sales processes, modernize their supply chain, and realize benefits of the cloud. Our rigorous, result-oriented approach to developing solutions allows us to deliver tangible results in a shorter time frame. The result is a highly satisfied and 100% referenceable client base. Accelalpha is recognized by Fortune as a best small and medium workplace and certified as a great place to work. For more information on Accelalpha.

About LogistiChange:
LogistiChange has a strong presence in Latin America in the retail, pharmaceutical, 3PL, and fast-food industries. LogistiChange is particularly experienced with companies that rely on e-commerce and home delivery with operations that have a high level of automation. Our customers' focus is on their need to improve warehouse operations for their clients so our consultants are not only experts in the Oracle WMS solution, but they will also maximize business performance in the warehouse and Supply Chain Management. For more information on LogistiChange.


The globalization of logistics, which involves the transport and other handling of procured items and finished goods between different regions and markets has intensified, driven by the accelerating globalization of corporations.


The globalization of logistics, which involves the transport and other handling of procured items and finished goods between different regions and markets has intensified, driven by the accelerating globalization of corporations.

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CBRE: Demand for Reverse Logistics Warehouse Space seen Rising

FreightWaves | December 08, 2020

Around 400 million square feet will be required throughout the following five years to deal with the normal as indicated by a report to be delivered released by land real estate services giant CBRE Inc. The majority of the area to deal with returns will come from more seasoned dissemination communities which third-party logistics (3PL) suppliers and enormous retailers will empty for fresher offices to help forward logistics operations, CBRE said. About 1.5 billion square feet of new logistics square will be delivered before the end of 2025, CBRE said. As of April, there was 10 billion square feet of modern space committed to warehousing and distribution, as indicated by information from research firm Statista. That number is probably going to ascend as of year's end because of the flood in online business request that has come about because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Open Sky Group and Dotcom Distribution Manage Large Scale Supply Chain Transformation

The Open Sky Group, LLC | February 02, 2022

Open Sky Group, global specialists in Blue Yonder's end-to-end supply chain solutions, announce the completion of the first phase of Dotcom Distribution's e-commerce and multi-channel digital supply chain transformation. Dotcom Distribution (Dotcom), a third-party logistics provider specializing in serving high-touch beauty, fashion, electronics, and select retail brands, partnered with Open Sky Group to implement Blue Yonder's warehouse management and labor management solutions, as well as Optricity's Opti-Slot DC™ (OptiSlot) slotting optimization. A next-phase implementation will be Blue Yonder's workforce management solution. The combined solutions will transform Dotcom's operations across multiple facilities for greater visibility, increased productivity, improved scheduling, and overall increased operational optimization, resulting in cost-effective, high-velocity fulfillment services for its customers. Dotcom provides e-commerce, B2B and multi-channel order fulfillment services, along with a host of additional value-added logistics services to some of the world's fastest growing brands. Open Sky Group is the systems integrator managing the project, software design and implementation and working collaboratively with the Dotcom team and other partners including Optricity and Blue Yonder. We are proud of the reputation Dotcom has earned over the last 22 years for providing high-growth retail brands with flexible, customizable logistics and shipping solutions, and it's with an eye on the next 22+ years that we make this investment, This is the foundation of our modernized infrastructure and will make it possible for us to onboard new technology, automation systems and additional facilities." Maria Haggerty, CEO of Dotcom Distribution. After researching leading supply chain software providers, Dotcom chose Blue Yonder for its strong labor management and logistics solutions. Open Sky Group was selected to implement and help manage the project because of its impressive rapid implementation methodology and successful track record, thorough understanding of the 3PL business environment and its approach to process improvement. A distribution transformation project of this magnitude requires precise planning and coordination. Together with Dotcom, we have an incredible team that is unleashing the power of Blue Yonder's solution through our methodology of disciplined agility and no-modifications approach, The combination of these software solutions is bringing greater visibility, productivity and optimization to Dotcom operations." Alan Prillaman, VP of Client Services for Open Sky Group. By implementing our warehouse management and labor management solutions, Dotcom is poised to meet the logistics and fulfillment needs and raised e-commerce expectations of fast-growing retail brands, which in turn will help them better respond to consumer demands. Once fully implemented, workforce management will help them reduce turnover and achieve higher levels of productivity with their workforce. With partners like Open Sky Group, that thoroughly understand our solutions and how to best implement and leverage them, our customers are able to rapidly scale and accelerate time to value." Terry Turner, President, North America, Blue Yonder. Optricity is pleased to team with Blue Yonder and longtime partner, Open Sky Group, to deliver a powerful, integrated solution for the Dotcom Distribution operations ecosystem, The Dotcom leadership's commitment to improving operations through warehousing technology has required vision and dedication. Optricity is proud to be part of this technology trifecta, accelerating product movement on Dotcom's journey toward the intelligent, 'Self-Healing Warehouse™' to advance their customer experience." Sheila M. Benny, President of Optricity. ABOUT DOTCOM DISTRIBUTION Dotcom Distribution (Dotcom) is a premier provider of B2C and B2B fulfillment and distribution services. Located just outside New York City, Dotcom supports eCommerce and omnichannel solutions for emerging brands. Dotcom provides fulfillment, production, assembly, and kitting services for luxury and lifestyle brands in beauty, fashion, and other specialty industries. About BLUE YONDER Blue Yonder is the world leader in digital supply chain and omni-channel commerce fulfillment. Our intelligent, end-to-end platform enables retailers, manufacturers, and logistics providers to seamlessly predict, pivot and fulfill customer demand. With Blue Yonder, you can make more automated, profitable business decisions that deliver greater growth and re-imagined customer experiences. Blue Yonder - Fulfill your Potential™. About Optricity Optricity creates and supports warehousing analysis, optimization and performance improvement software. To develop its solutions, including, OptiSlot DC™, Optricity utilizes a blend of warehousing domain expertise, advanced mathematics and software engineering skills. Optricity's platform of planning solutions includes slotting, profiling, integration, simulation, @Ease Warehousing Technologies™ and the Moves Conductor™ for warehousing operations.

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C.H. Robinson and SAS Partners to Bring Together their Existing Tools with the Goal of Combining Demand Planning and Transportation Procurement

CH Robinson | January 13, 2021

C.H. Robinson and SAS are partnering to unite their current tools with the objective of joining request arranging and transportation procurement at CPG retailers and producers, the organizations reported Tuesday in an official statement. C.H. Robinson has heard client protests that the way toward utilizing a yearly offered measure for freight procurement can bring about transportation gets that gotten obsolete as request designs move, said C.H. Robinson Chief Commercial Officer Chris O'Brien. The objective is to fabricate what C.H. Robinson alludes to as a more "agile" freight procurement, which won't replace yearly agreements yet will rely on real-time demand data to shorten bidding windows and adjust them more frequently.

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