June 14-17, 2019
Barcelona, Spain
The 5th annual World Specialty Logistics Fair will be held during June 2019. Returning to Europe and the vibrant host city of Barcelona. This exclusive conference for WCA Perishable, WCA Time Critical & WCA Pharma Network members is a “Book Early” event!Now entering our fifth year in this unique member driven format will see even more training and workshops options added as per member requests.
The WCA Perishable members will also undergo extensive work to obtain the global standard for International Temperature Controlled Logistics. Whilst the Pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated, the Perishable industry is not, yet. The WCA Perishable members will change this and through hard work, attention to detail and vast experience. Recognising their importance in the supply chain, this gives further proof of the control the WCA Perishable members apply to each and every product they ship. The first training sessions to roll out this global standard will be held during WSLF2019.